Monday, 26 April 2010

Enterprise & Innovation:
Short Module Evaluation

By far this module has brought to light a realism of the design process, working within the real world beyond the studio. Setting up a business within the current climate is particularly difficult and off-putting, but with what has been taught within the seminars and lectures that anything in business is possible with the right planning and detailing.
Each lecture developed well, allowing myself an understadning how to build a business from the initial idea. Then using the subsequent lecture material and guides to targeting specific areas I was able to focus and complete different tasks to produce an effective strategy to enter the world of business.
Although I felt strongly at times the lecture material was irrelevant I gained an understanding through talking about what I wanted from the module to Bridget, this cleared the air on what the module was focussing on, and communication through emails and through the seminars helped aid my development and ambition. This would have helped earlier on and I feel I could have done a few things differently that would have made the module easier for myself. for instance I have never truly considered the benefits of a collaborative practice, more importantly what I would like from a creative partner especially in business. I would like to continue my efforts into finding out what a partnership business could do for myself and my proposed business.
I also feel that there was not enough emphasis directed on Enterprise & Innovation module and the relevance to our individual practice and what was wanted to get out of our degree course on an individual basis. Business it seems doesnt do well with many companys are offering the same thing, what I felt was taught that we were all heading for the same point, opening up a Graphic Design agency and nothing more. What I got out of the experience I feel was something else, not just going into enterprise with Graphic Design, but with a whole range of businesses associated with design.
Overall I feel that this module has definitly aided my development and I am looking forward to setting up my small business within the not too distant future.

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