Friday, 23 April 2010

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Good Ink: Presentation Slides

Having proposed and presented my business to my fellow peers and Bridget I feel confident in my business proposal was successful. The presentation was structured in such a way that it allowed me do discuss in great detail how my business would function, and although I am a particularly nervous speaker I feel I was able to deliver a concise and informed business idea, I did go slightly over on time but I tried to deliver as much information as possible. The slide breakdown is as follows:
01. Business Name/Product
02. Mission Statement/What does the business do?
03. Who are my customers/Segmentation Analysis
04. Competitor 1/SWOT Analysis
05. Competitor 2/SWOT Analysis
06. Competitor 3/SWOT Analysis
07. My product/Unique selling points
08. Promotional Method 1
09. Promotional Method 2
10. Promotional Method 3
11. Resources Needed/Outline of Initial costs
12. What happens next?/Impact slide


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