Friday, 23 April 2010

Enterprise & Innovation:
Information about Copyright Protection & Licences

Having decided as an innovative opportunity within my business I have been looking at organizing competition based briefs to which designers ca submit to to get their work out and into the world of design. This will require legal contracting especially for use of other peoples artwork. Its quite simple really, by creating a legal document which is signed by the maker, I can obtain full licensing for the artwork submitted, this should allow me in agreement that I can reproduce artwork at no additional costs or risks to infringement of copyright.
As I am a small sole trader business based on current projections I will not be able to give commission for items that are sold. What will be offered is the opportunity to have the name of the artist on the back of the artwork/card providing a form of promotion along with a contact email or website for reference. Hopefully this will be enticing enough.

[Information obtained from]: Association of Illustrators, (2008), The Illustrators guide to Law and Business Practice, Association of Illustrators Publishing

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